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Quality & Environmental

Spencer Plastics, Inc. Quality Policy

Spencer Plastics Inc. is committed to supplying defect-free products to all of our customers with a focus on 100% on-time delivery and satisfaction. All areas of the organization are dedicated to the process of meeting or exceeding applicable requirements. We will continuously strive to improve the quality of our organization by operating under the requirements and continually improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System. A framework will be in place for establishing, reviewing, and communicating the Spencer Plastics, Inc. quality objectives.

Spencer Plastics is dedicated to advancement in quality through the development of their Advance Product Quality Planning (APQP) process, which encompasses the following steps:

  • Product and manufacturing feasibility
  • Product design RedLine review for customer approval
  • First-article inspection checklists
  • Preliminary and final mold designs
  • New tool inspection checklists
  • Tool certification reports
  • SPI mold checklists
  • First-article inspection reports
  • APQP review meetings
  • Customer participation and approval

Certificate of Registrations

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Spencer Plastics, Inc. Environmental Policy and Objectives

Spencer Plastics, Inc., environmental policy reflects its company-wide objective of “Taking the Greener Path.” Spencer Plastics, Inc., will implement our philosophy by focusing on continual improvement, attainment of our environmental objectives, compliance with applicable laws, and stewardship of natural resources. Spencer Plastics is committed to protecting its people and our communities through safety, health, and emergency preparedness.

Spencer Plastics is committed through the implementation of this policy to the prevention of pollution from our processes, packaging, and delivery to our customers to the extent that those activities are under our control.


  • Prevention: Stewardship of natural resources; pollution prevention from our processes, packaging, and delivery strategies
  • Improvement: Continual improvement (battery recycling, cardboard baler, paper, fluorescent lamp recycle, aerosol cans recycling, scrap metal, aluminum)
  • Compliance: Regulatory compliance with applicable laws