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Double Trouble Tip-Up


  • Two Tip-Ups in One Compact Base
  • Platform Style Tip-Up Base, Keeping Reel Above Water and Keeping Your Hands Dry
  • Designed for Both Light for Panfish and Heavy for Game Fish Utilizing the Built-in Bait Clip Features
  • Bases are Constructed to Reduce Hole Freezing Over
  • Bright Red Flag for High Visibility
  • High Line Capacity Reel
  • No Fail Tripping Device Designed into the Flag and Reel, Assures No False Flags
  • Two-Piece Design Will Fit into 5 Gallon Bucket for Easy Transportation
  • Removable Spool Shaft for Easy Line Winding and Stripping
  • No Tangle Mess When Properly Stowed When Finished
  • One Hand Easy Adjustable Spring Tension Adjustment

Made in the USA

Plastic parts are Injection Molded in Cadillac, Michigan and fully assembled in the same factory. 

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Formerly known as Fish Bros, the Double Trouble Tip-Up has changed more than just the name.  This is a whole new version of the platform style tip-up you used to love.

Key  New features:

  1. False Flag Retention Feature:  Improved flag system to reduce false flags and maintain sensitivity
  1. Easy Platform Separation Tabs:  Quickly separate base platforms with ease for tip-up setup
  1. Internal Platform Location Features:  Molded in locating structure for quick and easy Arm Stowage Placement                                            
  1. Quick Detachable Arm and or Reel for various fishing set-ups:  Quick Arm Assembly or Reel removal, for fishing different species and line changes
  1. Molded in Hoops:  Two Hoops molded into the Arm of the tip-up for your imagination
  1. Adjustable Drag:  One Hand Easy Adjustable Spring Tension Adjustment
  1. Molded in Arrow:  Molded in Graphic arrow located on both sides of the Reel to show line direction and provide an easy indicator of fish travel

Buy Now for Only $39.99 each!!

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For questions related to the Double Trouble Tip-Up, customers can contact us via phone or email.

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